Shana Marie 
Multi Disciplinary Creative, Art Director and Consultant

Diligent and conscientious, Shana is a multidisciplinary creative based in South West London. She aims to creatively communicate in authentic and purposeful ways to cause real impact, through unique storytelling. With a specific focus on human-centred design, she prides herself in portraying real people and their voices throughout her work. 

Shana has recently launched a passion project, ShanaVersity - a digital library housing topical reports through an gen-z lens. Read more here.

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Clients Include:
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Coca-Cola | Real Magic Library

Client: Coca-Cola

Agency:  Anyways Creative

Role: Art Director, Creative

Year: 2023
We collaborated with eight diverse artists; both emerging and established; from different continents; backgrounds; and styles to create a cohesive library of animations and illustrations for Coca-Cola. Supporting their Real Magic brand strategy, the artworks celebrate magical moments of connection that elevate everyday experiences. 

Working closely with the Coca-Cola team, we defined the messaging and storylines for three key areas including meal times, breaks, and gaming. 

Animation by Andy Baker StudioSpanish illustrator, Miguel Ángel Camprubí, depicted a heartwarming moment between a mother and daughter preparing a meal.

Animation by Joe Melhuish Joe Melhuish, a UK-based 3D artist, showcased his striking approach by capturing a group of gamers deep in focus.

Nieges Borges, a Brazilian artist, evoked a warm and inviting atmosphere with a family sharing an alfresco barbecue.Yolande Mutale, a UK-based artist, captured the essence of friendship as two people chat in the park with their dogs.African artist, Ngadi Smart, breathed life into a tender moment between partners with their  textured style.
In a romantic scene, South Asian illustrator, Simone Noronha, portrayed a couple connecting in the park.

Delivered in a range of formats and embracing the brand's recognisable logo, the commissions have appeared around the world and seen by millions of people.

Animation by Andy Baker StudioChinese artist, Inkee Wang, illustrated three stylish Gen-Z friends enjoying a shopping trip together.

Andy Baker Studio
Joseph Melhuish

Shir Pakman
Miguel Ángel Camprubí
Joseph Melhuish
Niege Borges
Yolande Mutale
Ngadi Smart
Simone Noronha
Inkee Wang

All Credit Belongs To YHWH, I’m Just A Vessel