Shana Marie 
Multi Disciplinary Creative, Art Director and Consultant

Diligent and conscientious, Shana is a multidisciplinary creative based in South West London. She aims to creatively communicate in authentic and purposeful ways to cause real impact, through unique storytelling. With a specific focus on human-centred design, she prides herself in portraying real people and their voices throughout her work. 

Shana has recently launched a passion project, ShanaVersity - a digital library housing topical reports through an gen-z lens. Read more here.

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Google Play Store | Top ‘K’ Categories + Apps Novel Topics

Client: Google Play Store

Agency: Anyways Creative

Role: Art Director, Creative

Year: 2022
Google Play is an online store where over two billion people a month go to find and enjoy their favourite apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and more on their Android devices. It is available in 190 countries and partners with developers from all over the world to distribute their apps.

It’s product mission, which is to connect everyone to outstanding digital experiences by creating a “Joyful & Useful” content destination, needed informative and useful imagery to match. 

Google Play reached out to Anyways to deliver uplifting and culturally relevant artworks on an ongoing basis. We have since commissioned hundreds of illustrations and continue to work with creatives to highlight Google Play’s platform and offering.

Working with Rose Wong, we created a set of illustrations for Google Play to showcase its curated selection of best apps across fitness, lifestyle, entertainment and many more. 

Across the course of a few weeks, Rose designed  over 80 illustrations in her unique style bringing life and perspective to editorial topics.

To highlight Google Play Store’s offering for travel, vehicle, career and finance apps, we teamed up with artists Martina Paukova, Doug Chayka and Núria Madrid to bring these topics to life.

New Jersey based illustrator and collage artist Doug Chayka, designed a suite of assets on topics ranging from Finance to Travel. Here are a selection of some of the assets curated for Google Play’s evergreen library.

Slovakian illustrator Martina Paukova, curated a suite of editorial assets in her unique style. Here are a selection of some of the assets curated for Google Play’s evergreen library.

Spanish designer and art director, Nuriá Marid illustrated a suite of assets using Google’s punchy colour palette. Here are a selection of some of the assets curated for Google Play’s evergreen library.

Rose Wong
Doug Chayka
Martina Paukova
Nuriá Marid
All Credit Belongs To YHWH, I’m Just A Vessel