Shana Marie 
Multi Disciplinary Creative, Art Director and Consultant

Diligent and conscientious, Shana is a multidisciplinary creative based in South West London. She aims to creatively communicate in authentic and purposeful ways to cause real impact, through unique storytelling. With a specific focus on human-centred design, she prides herself in portraying real people and their voices throughout her work. 

Shana has recently launched a passion project, ShanaVersity - a digital library housing topical reports through an gen-z lens. Read more here.

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Levi’s® | Denim Overload

Client: Levi’s®

Agency: Anyways Creative

Role: Research and Ideation, Creative

Year: 2023
Levi's®, a global denim icon, tasked Anyways with developing a creative concept, producing videos and content, and delivering a toolkit for their North Europe talent campaign. The challenge was to elevate their engagement with talent and target audiences while celebrating denim and individual expression.

Collaborating with Amelia Dimoldenberg and Alicia Awa, our goal was to showcase their unique personalities through Levi's customisations, embracing the double denim trend and exploring how much denim is too much. The answer: never enough.

With authenticity at the heart of the campaign, we successfully reached Levi's® desired audience, driving engagement and highlighting both talent and brand possibilities.

Levi's® aimed to create a culturally relevant Northern European campaign, boosting product engagement and featuring their ambassadors, such as Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg and German singer Alicia Awa.

With "More Denim Please" as our central concept, we celebrated their uniqueness and embraced double denim trends in a playful tongue in cheek way.

We crafted a day-to-night story to highlight their interests and personalities in two distinct scenes. The on-screen talent took on the role of self-directors, leading stylists, photographers, and set-builders behind the scenes. Collaborating with director Em Cole, quick jump-cuts depicted real-time scenes and styling updates, while aligning the script with Amelia and Alicia's tone of voice.

Amelia, not just a YouTube star, is a presenter speaking to the industry’s biggest names. Teaming up with stylist Chloë Griffin, we showcased denim's adaptability in various settings, merging high-end and everyday styles to reveal Amelia's different personas.

Alicia, a singer and musician, finds joy in both her on-stage performances as well as at home and in nature. Partnering with Elle Fell, her wardrobe struck a balance between her glamorous yet also down to earth lifestyle.

The campaign was shared extensively across Levi’s® and our talent social channels, as well as directed at UK and Northern European audiences. The campaign video featuring Amelia Dimoldenberg has achieved 600k views within the first 24 hours.

Twenty Twenty

Em Cole

Film Editors
The Quarry

Elle Fell
Chloë Griffin

Set Designer
Louis Simonon
Rosie Hodge

Graphic Designer
Kaam Kaaj
All Credit Belongs To YHWH, I’m Just A Vessel