Shana Marie 
Multi Disciplinary Creative, Art Director and Consultant

Diligent and conscientious, Shana is a multidisciplinary creative based in South West London. She aims to creatively communicate in authentic and purposeful ways to cause real impact, through unique storytelling. With a specific focus on human-centred design, she prides herself in portraying real people and their voices throughout her work. 

Shana has recently launched a passion project, ShanaVersity - a digital library housing topical reports through an gen-z lens. Read more here.

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Clients Include:
Portland N’ Pals 
Paul Smith Foundation
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Paul Smith Foundation | Content Series

Client: Paul Smith

Agency: Anyways Creative

Role: Creative, Community Manager

Year: 2023
Briefed with repurposed content only, we were challenged to maintain a social presence on the Foundation’s Instagram. Fresh perspectives positioned alongside an updated social strategy, led to rapid growth and retained engagement interacting with 168k accounts within the first 90 days. 

Working with Anyways Creative, I took lead on creating a new interim social strategy for the platform based on recent social data and insights. I found various reports around Instagram's forever changing algorithm and the depleting attention spans of Gen-Z audiences. This paired with the Foundation’s previous metrics informed the creative and social strategy massively, which grew the channel by 7,000 followers.

Paul on Paul‘Paul on…Paul’ is a four part content series sharing key advice from Paul Smith on a range of topics. This included themes around Self Expression, Never Assuming, People and Positivity which can be viewed here

printed on gf smith paper 350gsm weight
graphic designer georgia-mae skelding

PSF Advice CardsAn integral part of the Foundation was built from the manifesto - sharing helpful advice to ‘motivate and inspire’ creatives within industry. When the Foundation launched in 2020 Sir Paul Smith curated a range of advice cards discussing various topics from ‘Making an Impression’ to ‘Defining your Point of View’ to inspire upcoming creatives. As a team we collectively felt these cards deserved a design refresh as well as reformatting them for Instagram. Working with Georgia-Mae, we were able to art direct a set of our 20 quotes that would resonate with our audience and cause unique discussion. 

To conclude the project, we printed a set of 20 cards to gift Sir Paul himself, and add to his thriving set of collectibles. 

Creative JourneysThe Paul Smith Foundation has worked tirelessly to work and connect with young people starting their creative journeys. This inspired a new content idea, reconnecting with previously featured Friends of The Foundation and documenting their creative journeys since being involved with the platform. We worked with Video Editor Mark Omotobora to edit pictures and videos provided by the talent to create a 60 second reel. This gave us the wonderful opportunity to provide a paid job for our Friends of The Foundation and exposure by spotlighting them on the Foundation’s Instagram and Paul Smith Design. Posting collaboratively on the talent and foundation’s channel allowed both parties to expand their audiences. 

How To GuidesOur approach for the How To Guides, was to ensure every guide resonated and was actionable for a wide range of individuals following the platform. We went through the archives of previous talks, irl events and quotes from our Friends of The Foundation as well as researched what topics our followers truly need advice for to create the most useful guides. This paired with an updated design led to positive interaction and refreshed the entire content feed.

Utilising Instagram’s new guide feature, I was able to group pre-existing posts together to create guides highlighting some of the fantastic pieces of content already on the channel. 

Playful CommentaryTaking the Foundation in a new direction, I proposed we use blooper footage/images from previous events to create meme’s that interact with our prominent Gen-Z slash Millennial audience and showcase Sir Paul Smith’a eclectic personality. These pieces of content received some of the highest engagement on the platform and allowed followers to interact with one another creating organic relationships across the community.

Flags for ChangeFlags for Change is a content series, working with Friends of the Foundation to spark meaningful conversation and discord around a social issue. Each creative was given the paid brief to direct and shoot their flag in a location that would evoke conversation and inspire others. 

Using Instagram’s collaborative post feature, we were able to spotlight the creatives and expand one another's audiences and following as a result. 

Graphic Designer
Georgia-Mae Skelding
Shana Marie
Video Editors
Mark Omotobora
Saffron Lee
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